Apple обновила бету Mac OS X 10.5.7

Mac OS X 10.5 LeopardApple выпустила бету Mac OS X 10.5.7 build 9J50. С момента выпуска предыдущего релиза build 9J47 прошло всего 4 дня, это говорит о очень близком релизе Mac OS X 10.5.7 Juno. В новой сборке задокументировано 108 исправлений. Новые исправления коснулись работы Bluetooth и интерфейса Ethernet в системах Mac Pro. Всего в OS X 10.5.7 Juno исправлению подвергнется около 20 компонентов ОС, среди которых AirPort, Графика, iCal, Синхронизация iDisk, Mail, Синхронизация с MobileMe, Работа с сетью, Родительский контроль, Печать, Safari, Screen sharing, Звук, Directory Services и Time Machine.

Списки исправлений (оригинал)

Основные исправления

  • AFP
  • AirPort
  • Bluetooth
  • Directory Services
  • FileSync
  • Flash Player
  • GraphicsDrivers
  • Help Viewer
  • iCal
  • iDisk Synching
  • Mail
  • Managed Client
  • MobileMe Synching
  • Networking
  • Parental Controls
  • Perl
  • Printing
  • Safari
  • Screen Sharing
  • Sound
  • Time Machine
  • USB & Flash Drives
  • VPN
  • Widgets
  • X11

Мелкие исправления

  1. fix
  2. Ethernet on Mac Pros performance fix
  3. CFURLCache compatibility fix
  4. automountd at automountd: autofs_server issue fix
  5. CFNetwork compatibility fixes
  6. Fix issue with iCalExternalSync when a reminder is changed from relative to absolute
  7. Perl and Security 2009-001 update compatibility fix
  8. PDF font rendering fix
  9. AFP client’s FSCatalogSearch loops issue fixed
  10. Fixed USB plugin path after USB hot-plugging
  11. iChatAgent and SecTrustEvaluate issue fixed
  12. Issue with Mail signature in rich ASCII text fix
  13. Fixed System Profiler’s display of DisplayPort Adapters info
  14. Updated Speech Dictionary
  15. Resolved issue where computer may wake after Sleep enabled
  16. Fixed Mail signature synching issue
  17. Fixed localization problem with Weather Widget
  18. Resolved color corruption issue
  19. Fixed problem with CFNetwork FileProtocol and WebArchive
  20. Resolved problem with AFP C Client and searches
  21. Issue with FSCatalogSearch loops and AFP X Client fixed
  22. Issue with HFS and Magneto-Optical Disk resolved
  23. Flash Player updated
  24. Fixed issue with CoreGraphics and screen zoom parameters
  25. Issue with iChat framerates fixed
  26. Fixed problem with HFS+ volumes and DVD media
  27. Resolved issue with iCal CalDAV and calendar refresh
  28. Issue with CPU Software and digital output fixed
  29. Resolved issue with launchd and LoginWindow capturing crash data
  30. Issue with LoginWindow and FileVault remote backups fixed
  31. Fixed problem with Time Capsule and sparse image backups
  32. Fixed issue with Print & Fax pref pane and managing settings
  33. Resolved crashing issue with Parental Controls and System Preferences
  34. Fixed problem with HFS and MBR partitioned volumes
  35. Fixed hanging issue with MobileMe Sync tab
  36. Fixed issue with iCalExternalSync and iCal Synchronization
  37. Issue with AC interrupts and Sleep/Wake resolved
  38. Fixed problem with Portable Home Directories and Login/Logout not syncing
  39. Resolved issue with Mail accounts and syncing
  40. Fixed issue with CoreAnimation and mouse movement between snapshots
  41. Fixed problem with System Profiler Plug-Ins and panic logs
  42. Resolved crashing issue with Help Viewer
  43. Resolved crashing issue with Preview Image
  44. Fixed issue with IOHIDPosteEvent()
  45. Fixed problem with MobileMe AOSNotification not sending JID
  46. Resolved issue with AddressBook Sync and Mail Addressing
  47. Fixed problem with NSOperationQueue and PThreads
  48. Fixed issue with LoginWindow UI and AirPort
  49. Issue with Virtual Memory and wired pages fixed
  50. Images are now retained when syncing between two Macs using Mail Sync
  51. Resolved issue with CFNetwork Host and AppStore loading delays
  52. Issue with Networking and TCP FIN resolved
  53. Issue with FPCatalog search and AFP X Client resolved
  54. File/Folder label changes over AFP now visible without unmounting/remounting
  55. Fixed problem with NSView and layer-backed views inside a scroll
  56. NSURLConnection now correctly notifies client before transmission
  57. Resolved NSinvalidSendPortExceptions with Sync Services Engine
  58. Fixed problem with CFNetwork Cookies and SAP cookie path
  59. Resolved issue with CFNetwork Cache and DF URL cache
  60. Fixed problem with iCal CalDAV and cancelled meetings still showing up for attendees
  61. Hanging issue with CFURLCache thread fixed
  62. Issue with MobileMe AOSNotification connection failures resolved
  63. Resolved issue with Safari and certain cookies not being accepted
  64. Fixed crashing issue with mdworker and signed messages
  65. Resolved issue with MCX Client and visible groups
  66. Resolved value issue with cupsBorderlessScalingFactor
  67. Issue with CoreData Framework and foreign key references resolved
  68. Fixed issue with Weather Widget and default city selection
  69. CoreData Framework now ensures cached statements are nulled out after being finalized in the event of an error
  70. Resolved issue with Desktop Services where desktop may not update correctly
  71. Fixed value issue with Unit Converter Widget
  72. Resolved issue with NSData and CoreData Framework
  73. Fixed issue with ImageCapture not recognizing certain CompactFlash card adapters
  74. Fixed issue with CUPS and Print & Fax Preference Pane
  75. Resolved issue with CoreData fetch and CoreData Framework
  76. Fixed issue where Stocks Widget was unresponsive in certain situations
  77. iCalExternalSync no longer wrongly clears the “original date” field of a detached Task
  78. Fixed issue where Preferences Sync would use excessive CPU cycles
  79. Fixed problem with delegate windows and multiple error messages with iCal DAV
  80. Issue with HICocoaView and mouse tracking resolved
  81. Fixed button issue with Energy Saver pref pane
  82. issue with Login window and MCX Client resolved
  83. Fixed issue with Netbooting and the Energy Saver pref pane
  84. Fixed problem with AMDocumentVersion and Automator Application
  85. Updated ICC Profiles in ColorSync Registry
  86. Issue with last modification date and Sync Services Engine resolved
  87. Resolved issue with NSSpellChecker and custom NSSpellServer servers
  88. Fixed issue with Time Machine Preferences and previously used backup volumes
  89. Fixed problem with DSADplugin and User vs Contact
  90. Issue with Text Services Manager and Dvorak Keyboard layout fixed
  91. Resolved crashing issue with NSTreeController
  92. Fixed whitelist issue with Parental Controls
  93. Resolved automatic iCal MobileMe sync issue with iCal Synchronization
  94. Fixed crashing issue with HLTB Menus and status bar
  95. Resolved issue with AFP X Client and AFP sessions not disconnecting after volumes are dismounted
  96. Issue with AXUIElementPostKeyboardEvent and HLTB Accessibility fixed
  97. Fixed USB tranfer issue with printing large PostScript files
  98. Fixed movie title issue with Movie Widget
  99. Resolved Non-Administrator issue with Energy Saver pref pane
  100. Fixed issue with Bluetooth mouse and button settings after disconnect/reconnect
  101. Fixed problem with XServe Netboot and launchd
  102. Fixed issue with Text (AppKit) where enabling garbage collection would cause autocomplete popup to automatically close
  103. Fixed image orientation issue with Image RAW
  104. Issue with HLTB Menus and OpenSubmenu fixed
  105. Issue with HLTB Windows and child windows fixed
  106. Issue with FileSync and login/logout resolved
  107. Resolved issue with Image RAW and image conversion